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July 20, 2018 - August 10, 2018

Our collective culture’s idea of the domestic is in the midst of great change.   In America, shifting views around issues such as citizenship, gender, and family dynamics have drastically altered the conventional notion of “home.”

Newer generations are increasingly settling down later in life, and stepping outside of the traditional boundaries of the home.  As they move away from the home life nostalgia set by their parents and grandparents, a new and diverse domestic experience is being mapped.

In Making Spaces Home, selected artists are invited to explore these themes, creating and bringing works together which speak to our innermost feelings of what home life is, and to the trials of finding or creating a safe space to occupy.   Please join us!

Making Spaces Home: Welcome


Curator Kristina Sheufelt’s own mixed-media work deals largely in questioning boundaries and defining spaces occupied by human civilization and the natural world.   Having moved to Detroit in 2010 from a rural town, Sheufelt considers herself a transplant, a term which can be applied to people as well as plants and animals, and is represented in her sculptures’ themes of invasiveness, domestication, and material duality.



Bana Kabalan

Ryan Herberholz

Marceline Mason

Steven Shik

Elise Martin

Christopher Anderson

Noura Ballout

Nicholas Katsavrias

Chloe Songalewski

Making Spaces Home: Current Exhibitions
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