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The Black Box Gallery is proud to present the whimsical and fantastic works of art born in the minds of their creators and rendered on canvas that we might experience what lies beyond our universe as we know it!

Curated By:  Dave Chow

Participating Artists:

Amy Ferguson

Andrea Del Rio

April West

Audrey Benjaminsen

Becca Simmons

Blaise Rhein

Crystal Jankiewicz

Elyse McLeod

Erin "Oli" Franey

Holly Eatinger

Joe Fontana

Jordan Hleibay

Kathryn Huff

Matthew Ulicny

Megan Albrecht

Megan            Heller

Michael Polakowski

Michelle Veillette

Olivia Beelby

Selena Alvarado

Sheila Nicolin

Shoko Ishida

Tahanie Pfaff

Taylor Nicoll

Vanessa Montano