To our friends and supporters of Black Box! We hope during these last several months, you and your loved ones have been safe and in good health! We are reaching the end of a long hard road to restart our business at a new location - 1034 Monroe - where our engagement through art and coffee could continue!

We’ll begin our business re-opening in phases, respecting the safety of our customers, which is paramount to Black Box. Our first phase, targeted for Saturday, October 24th, will be the opening of our walk up service window to reintroduce our craft made coffees in a manner that is safe and accessible. We do require a face mask for service to ensure the safety of not only our employees, but also all of you whom we are eager to serve!

Phase 2 will include the ability to enter inside the new space to place your orders, adhering to a process flow that assures social distancing while placing an order and exiting without crossing paths. Phase 3 will be a return to more active engagement in artistic and cultural arts programming as well as special events.

The timing of phases 2 and 3 will be driven by a number of factors, most importantly our ability to get the new business operation up and running in a safe and effective manner – so more to come as we learn together!

We thank all of you for your patience during these difficult times, and we are grateful to be given the chance to reconnect with the community.   See you soon!



Because "Art is Long and Life is Short"




NOTE:  The indoor Gallery will reopen in "Phase 2" of our effort to restart the business - stay tuned as timing unfolds.    In the mean time, our walk up service window is open as follows:

Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday - 7am to 6pm
Wednesday - 7am to 6pm
Thursday - 7am to 6pm
Friday - 7am to 6pm
Saturday - 7am to 6pm
Sunday - 9am to 2pm


We look forward to seeing you at the gallery. Contact us for further information.

1034 Monroe Street Dearborn MI United States 48124

Phone: 313-562-1232


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