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NOV 24TH, 2023 -  DEC 31ST, 2023

"Never Again | Again

            1943 | 2023

Retrospective of an Uprising

On April 19, 1943, in Poland, the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising began.   Deprived of food, water, medicine, and facing unbearable inhumane circumstances, Jewish insurgents led a revolt against the German occupying forces.  In one month, the German military crushed the uprising with overwhelming force and deported surviving residents to concentration camps and killing centers as part of the Nazi architected “final solution” – now known as the Jewish Holocaust.

On October 7th, 2023, eight decades later, in what can be described as an echo of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, a group of Palestinians facing similar conditions - in a Ghetto of their own known as the Gaza Strip, in occupied Palestine - rose up against the Israeli Occupation forces.

“Never Again | Again” is a visual narrative that seeks to restore humanity by challenging our ethical  and moral boundaries - then versus now - and exposing dehumanization as the final step used to commit genocide.  

Warsaw and Gaza - separated at birth by eight decades of space and time, inextricably linked - are calling out to each of us with a simple moral question:

Will we be guided by the enduring lessons of the past, or look away, and allow what should never have happened to happen again?

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We look forward to seeing you at the gallery.  We are only available via email or in-person visit.  Contact us via email for further information.

1034 Monroe Street Dearborn MI United States 48124

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