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The Detroit Society of Women Painters and Sculptors is one of the oldest self-sustaining women's art organizations in the U.S. - founded Feb 23,1903.Its mission since inception has been to quicken interest in art movements of the day, to stimulate high achievement, active work, and mutual helpfulness among members, and to provide encouragement and support for art students.  Join us as we celebrate this amazing organization and the work of its members in our first presentation of this wonderful Detroit artistic institution!

(Participating Artists: Angela Larson, Beth Brown, Carole Morisseau, Chris Unwin, Erica Chappuis, Irene Mokra, Jackie Rybinski, Jan Brown, Jana Dietsch Wingels, Judith Bemis, Julie Sabit, Kathleen Boettcher, Kathleen McNamee, Kathleen W. O'Connell, Laura Gabriel, Linda Pelowski, Marilynn Thomas, Martine MacDonald, Nobuko Yamasaki, Pamela Alexander, Pat Duff, Patricia Izzo, Rita Dickerson, Ruth Warnock, Sharon Taylor, Susan Perrish)

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