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Curated By:  Gary Mayer

It’s been said that the greatest friends have nothing in common and everything in common all at once.   Join us as Black Box Gallery explores the works of a group of established artists – friends – hailing from an earlier era in Detroit’s Renaissance (plus a few relationships formed along the way!) whose works at first glance are seemingly different, yet collectively communicate as having much in common all at once.   The experience of art as a story of life and friendship makes it the most unexpected, and most uncommon denominator of all, and begs the question if the lives of artists are simply different versions of the same story retold.

Uncommon Denominator: Welcome

Participating Artists

Brett De Palma
Bryant Tillman
Carlo Vitale
Dennis Guastella
Don Mendelson
Ed Fraga
Gary Eleinko
Gary Mayer
Gerda Van Leeuwen
James Edwards
Jim Chatelain
John Lieberman
Kevin Paulsen
Kurt Novak
Linda Mendelson
Marie Vickerella
Robert Guadagnino
Shelley Malec Vitale

Uncommon Denominator: Photo Gallery
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